Specifically selected for sweetness & taste.

All stone fruit is not created equal. Some varieties are just naturally sweeter and more flavorful than others. These are the varieties we select for Treehouse Kids, ensuring that only the sweetest, juiciest, tastiest varieties make it into the Treehouse Kids package. That's a difference that'll give you and your customers a healthy appreciation!

Steady, season-long supplies from May through September.

Supplies of Treehouse Kids peaches, nectarines, pluots and plums are as reliable as they are delicious. Available in consistent, promotable volumes all season long, these top-quality fruits are guaranteed to build customer loyalty visit after visit, variety after variety, from May through September.

Safety & stewardship:
our top priorities.

SunWest's SQF certification is the highest food safety rating available, further enhanced by our ability to provide complete traceability of all fruit back to the specific orchard row where it was grown, nurtured and harvested.

Our commitment to food safety is matched only by our commitment to environmental stewardship, proven through responsible, sustainable farming practices. Every piece of Treehouse Kids fruit is the result of strict growing standards and farming practices that deliver unbeatable flavor and unparalleled respect for the environment.

Grown with care,
from our families to yours.

SunWest Fruit Company may be a successful leader in a highly competitive industry, but we haven't forgotten who we work for: your customers – families who trust you for the fruits they love, and trust us to ensure its quality, sweetness and taste. Fostering that family-friendly trust is what our Treehouse Kids brand is all about.

A vertically-integrated farming operation.

Because the Treehouse Kids brand comes to you from SunWest, you're assured that every peach, nectarine, pluot and plum is the product of over 50 years of California agricultural knowhow. As a privately-owned, vertically-integrated farming operation, we control every aspect of production from our back forty to your back room. The result? Superior quality control that brings satisfied customers back to your store again and again, season after season.

Merchandising support designed to
maximize sales.

Treehouse Kids fruit is supported by a complete merchandising program that can be endlessly customized to meet your unique specifications. From incredible displays to informative point-of-sale pieces, fun packaging to family-friendly graphics, Treehouse Kids merchandising ideas will help you enjoy the sweet taste of success all season long!